We help our clients to exceed their strategic,
operational and financial objectives.

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With a buying power of €100 million per annum, we have a proven track record of reducing our clients procurement costs. We help to make immediate and continuous savings in excess of 13% per annum.

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We provide a catalogue of over fifty thousand products and services including:

• Food

• Fruit and Vegetables

• Fish

• Dairy

• Meat

• Cooking Oil

• Medical Waste

• Medical Supplies

• Coffee

• Non Alcoholic Drinks

• Beer

• Wine & Spirits

• Capital Equipment

• Merchant Services

• Vending Machines

• Stationery

• Linen

• Crockery and Cutlery

• Non Food Consumables

• Disposable Packaging

• Baked Goods

• Lift Maintenance

• Energy

• Pest Control

• Waste

• Plant/Scenting Solutions

• Chemical/Cleaning Equipment


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