We are proud partners of the NHI and work with over
three-hundred and seventy nursing homes in Ireland

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Nursing Homes

We have a proven record of streamlining the procurement process to align with our clients goals. We help make immediate and continuous savings in excess of 13% per annum.


We believe in datas ability to tell a story

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Nursing Home Partnerships

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We provide a catalogue of over fifty thousand products and services including:

• Food

• Fruit and Vegetables

• Fish

• Dairy

• Meat

• Cooking Oil

• Medical Waste

• Medical Supplies

• Coffee

• Non Alcoholic Drinks

• Wine & Spirits

• Capital Equipment

• Merchant Services

• Vending machines

• Stationery

• Linen

• Crockery and Cutlery

• Non Food Consumables

• Disposable Packaging

• Baked Goods

• Lift Maintenance

• Energy

• Pest Control

• Waste

• Plant/Scenting Solutions

• Chemical/Cleaning Equipment


We believe preparation is the key to success

01. Consultation with client

02. Pricing Audit Analysis

03. Audit Savings Review

04. Client & Supplier Meeting

05. Go Live

06. Regular Savings Reviews

01. Consultation with Client

Every successful partnership is built on communication and trust. During our consultation process we focus on our clients goals and objectives. We understand that every business is unique and as such it is vital that we fully understand your challenges and pain-points. This holistic process is designed to avoid assumptions and provide value on the areas of your procurement process that need improvement. 


02. Pricing Audit Analysis

Our pricing audit analysis involves forensically reviewing a category of your procurement process that you would like to improve. Our analysts use our cutting-edge bespoke procurement software ‘Emerald’. This allows us to cross reference your items over our range of sixteen-thousand products and improve your bottom line based on the quality and quantities you require.  


03. Audit Savings Review

This review is a presentation of savings that can be made in a problematic area of your procurement process. Once we have established value, we can then proceed to tackling subsequent categories to further improve the procurement process.


04. Client & Supplier Meeting

At this stage we introduce our clients to their chosen suppliers to discuss the logistics of deliveries and to help establish a smooth transition to the new supplier.


05. Go Live

Once the logistics and quantities are agreed we create a go live for the procurement and regularly check progress with both clients and suppliers to ensure the process runs smoothly.


06. Regular Savings Review

We regularly check that the pricing and quality of procurements goods and services are in check. We track our clients progress to ensure the process is meeting their goals and objectives.