Restaurant in Tipperary – Gas

Recently we were tasked with making savings for a restaurant in Tipperary. The current rate of gas pricing was excessively high for this particular client and was proving to be a huge challenge to them.

Depending on the meter, but in most cases, we can produce significant savings. The current market gas pricing rates for January were in excess of .20 cent per KWH. We were able to reduce this to a new rate of .1020 per KWH for this restaurant and make a saving of €19,236 per annum – alone on gas.


Previous Bill €3,533


New rate @.1020 per KWH


Savings on Gas for 1 month


Total annual savings

David Reynolds, GM of FCP

We are delighted to announce that we have secured over €19,236 in savings this year for this client on gas alone. This reduction and our ability to reduce costs in other areas of the business will make a huge impact for our client.