The Montenotte Hotel

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One of Cork City’s most popular hotels, The Montenotte Hotel is a modern 4-star boutique hotel with an eclectic vibe and a strong sense of fun. From its elevated position, the hotel sports unrivalled views across Cork City. The hotel is renowned for it’s luxury touches of an in-house private cinema, the hotels spectacular Sunken Victorian Garden and its award-winning Bellevue Spa.

First Choice Purchasing were tasked with improving the overall procurement process for one of Cork’s most famous hotels. The hotel management were keen to emphasise that the hotel exists to offer a luxurious stay for its residents. Being in the top 4% of best hotels in Cork, the Montenotte prides itself on being a destination of choice for both national and international visitors looking to experience the best of Cork.

01. Consultation

Every successful partnership is built on communication and trust. During our consultation process with The Montenotte we focused on their goals and objectives. We understand that every business is unique and as such it is vital that we fully understood The Montenotte’s  challenges and pain-points. This holistic process is designed to avoid assumptions and provide value on the areas of your procurement process that need improvement.


02. Price Auditing Analysis

Our pricing audit analysis involves forensically reviewing a category of The Montenotte’s procurement process that you would like to improve. Our analysts use our cutting-edge bespoke procurement software ‘Emerald’. This allowed us to cross reference The Montenotte’s items over our range of sixteen-thousand products and improve their bottom line based on the quality and quantities they required.


03. Audit Savings Review

This review is a presentation of savings that we made for the Montenotte in a problematic area of their procurement process. Once we have established value, we  then proceeded to tackling subsequent categories to further improve the procurement process.


04. Client and Suppliers Meeting

At this stage we introduced The Montenotte to their chosen suppliers to discuss the logistics of deliveries and to help establish a smooth transition to the new supplier. We also assisted in setting up the accounts with their new suppliers


05. Go Live

Once the logistics and quantities were agreed we scheduled a go live for the procurement and regularly check progress with both the Montenotte and suppliers to ensure the process runs smoothly.


06. Regular Savings Review

We regularly check that the pricing and quality of procurements goods and services are in check. We track The Montenotte’s progress to ensure the process is meeting their goals and objectives.


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“First Choice Purchasing are instrumental helping provide us with a seamless procurement process that has helped us saved money without compromising on the quality of goods we provide for our visitors.”