What We Do

We help our clients to exceed their strategic,
operational and financial objectives.

We help to reduce costs in excess of 12% per annum


We take a holistic approach to problem solving


Every client’s requirements are different. We approach each project by understanding these needs. It brings us closer to helping our clients achieve their goals.

energy, energy costs, energy saving


We help hotels to exceed their financial objectives



We improve the financial margins for restaurants

energy, energy costs, energy saving


We are exclusive procurement partners of the NHI


With a buying power in excess of €100 million per annum, we have helped our clients to reduce their procurement costs for over a decade. We help to make immediate and continious savings in excess of 12% per annum.

We source quality goods and services

We negotiate the best prices for our clients

We ensure savings are continuous

We create in excess of 12% savings per annum

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We provide a catalogue of over fifty thousand products and services including:

• Food

• Fruit and Vegetables

• Fish

• Dairy

• Meat

• Oil

• Coffee

• Non Alcoholic Drinks

• Wine & Spirits

• Capital Equipment

• Merchant Services

• Vending machines

• Stationary

• Linen

• Crockery and Cutlery

• Non Food Consumables

• Disposable Packaging

• Baked goods

• Lift Maintenance

• Energy

• Pest Control

• Waste

• Plant/Scenting Solutions

• Chemical/Cleaning equipment


We take a holistic approach to consultancy. Every business has different goals and objectives. Our role is to understand your organisation’s needs and to help provide a clear roadmap to achieving your goals.






We take a holistic approach to consultancy. We know that every business has different goals and objectives. We don’t prescribe solutions based on assumptions about your business. Our role is to fully understand what you want to achieve and guide you through the process.  


First Choice Purchasing was founded on solving the problem of getting better procurement deals based on purchasing power. We have built a successful business through negotiating the best possible deals for our clients. We use our experience and expertise in negotiations to ensure the best possible outcome for your business.


With a strong background in the hospitality sector and a decade of supplying over seventy percent of Ireland’s nursing homes, First Choice Purchasing are committed to helping our clients increase their profits. We do this through the procurement savings we can make for businesses and also through our consultancy process.


Since March 2020, First Choice Purchasing have been working closely with nursing homes, the NHI and hospitality sectors. We have been providing PPE, sanitisers and all other COVID related products services.

Besides this we have first hand experience of helping our clients open safely, making sure the supply chain is fully operational and providing support where needed. We fully understand the risks of COVID19 and are extremely proud of track record in helping our clients.