45 Bed Nursing Home

On January 1st, 2023 all standard variable rates have increased to well over .50 cent per KWH. A 45 bed nursing home in Cork was presented with a sizeable bill totalling to €10,900 with their existing supplier. This client approached us to see if we could reduce this total and make some significant energy savings for them.

We were able to reduce their overall bill through a mixture of negotiations and FCP’s buying power to reduce the client paying in excess of .50 cent per KWH to a new rate of .30 cent per KWH. This has helped our client to save a staggering €18,000 in total annual savings in electricity.


Previous bill was €10,900


New Contract Value


In Savings Made


Total Annual Savings

David Reynolds, GM of FCP

We are delighted to announce that we have secured over €18,000 in savings this year for this nursing home client. This will allow them to invest this money into improving other aspects of their business and help provide stability in the coming year.