Restaurant in Tipperary – Gas

Recently we were tasked with making savings for a restaurant in Tipperary. The current rate of gas pricing was excessively high for this particular client and was proving to be a huge challenge to them.

45 Bed Nursing Home

On January 1st, 2023 all standard variable rates have increased to well over .50 cent per KWH. A 45 bed nursing home in Cork was presented with a sizeable bill totalling to €10,900 with their existing supplier. This client approached us to see if we could reduce this total and make some significant energy savings for […]

Curam Care Homes

Curam Care Home

The aim of Curam Care Homes is to provide community and social opportunities for our residents through a person-centred approach. This includes empowering each individual to remain active in their social, religious and recreational activities and to stay connected with family, friends and the wider community. Curam Care Homes was set up in 2017 by […]

G Café

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G Café’s journey began in 2001 originally opened to serve beverages and treats but soon became the heart of Grahams of Monaghan. G Café’s manager, Carla, runs a tight ship with a great team. We have seen the G Café go through three revamps since opening with 2017 being the biggest transformation that saw the […]

The Montenotte Hotel

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Introduction One of Cork City’s most popular hotels, The Montenotte Hotel is a modern 4-star boutique hotel with an eclectic vibe and a strong sense of fun. From its elevated position, the hotel sports unrivalled views across Cork City. The hotel is renowned for it’s luxury touches of an in-house private cinema, the hotels spectacular Sunken […]