Win of the Week: We Saved a Hotel €8,700 p.a. on their Energy Bill

WhyEnergy costs in Ireland and internationally have soared in 2021.

The wholesale price of natural gas has surged 250 per cent since the start of the year. Last month saw an increase of about 35 per cent. This is feeding through to price rises for business and domestic customers.

After a hard winter in 2020, European supplies are lower than they should be – about 16 per cent below the average over the past five years, according to the Financial Times. With winter upon us, concern in the market has pushed prices up.


At FCP, we work with over 150 hotels in Ireland in a consultancy and procurement capacity. With a buying power of over €100 million per annum, we work closely with energy companies to help reduce the burden of costs for our clients. This week we successfully reduced the energy costs for a four star hotel in Dublin with 100+ beds.

We saved them €8,700 per annum by undertaking an audit on their current energy usage, implementing an energy efficiency strategy and finally by negotiating with the energy suppliers.



This win for our client has helped them out greatly, giving them the option to reinvest this money in other key areas. Here is a three examples:

  • 886 hours of the average waiter/waitress salary in Ireland. source
  • 8 months covered for the average booking engine costs for a 100 bed hotel.
  • 29.21% of the average chef’s salary in Ireland. source


What would €8,700 in savings look like for your hotel?