Choice Talks 014 – John Curley – Curley’s Quality Foods

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with John Curley, Founder of Curley’s Quality Foods about the challenges Curley’s Quality Foods has faced over the last year due to COVID19. John states that one of the biggest challenges during COVID is the short notice of lockdowns for the hospitality sector.  He states that it was very important to him that his dedicated team were safe and healthy. He mentions that managing stock levels and keeping positive were a challenge but they persevered.

John Curley says that Curley’s Quality Foods had to change the way they do business due to COVID. They restructured their model.  The pandemic has given them a positive opportunity to streamline their business and work on areas where they have been able to increase efficiencies across their departments.

When asked what positive advice he would give to other companies during COVID, John says;

  • The positive advice I have given over the past year has been,
  • We cannot control what will happen with the Virus.  Keep your focus on the positives; you can control how you react.
  • Stay safe and follow the guidelines. Reassure and speak with your staff.
  • There are many positives as a result COVID
  • We are now working in ways which was available to us before but not utilised.
  • People have opportunities to live in rural communities now, work remotely, better family, work/life balance. Happier life, less time on travel and increased productivity.
  • Cleaner living. (the Environment, nature, fuels, Health)
  • People are more accommodating and friendly
  • Look at the financial supports and grant aids available to your business.

Curley’s Quality Foods are one of the Ireland’s leading locally sourced distributor of fresh produce, freshly prepared food and catering products. They are also one of the largest privately owned fruit and vegetable companies in Ireland. They are dedicated to sourcing the finest and freshest produce available worldwide. They buy directly from their approved local and international growers on a daily basis and provide customers with a consistent supply of products you desire.