Choice Talks 012 – Ger Tierney – Fleming Medical

Recently we spoke with Ger Tierney, Healthcare Sales Manager at Fleming Medical. Ger discusses how Fleming Medicals biggest challenges during COIVD-19 was, keeping everyone safe including their own staff. Being an essential service they had to establish early on protocols, so people could work from home. PPE gear was provided to staff and their families. They wanted to provide support to their staff in order for them to feel safe throughout the pandemic.

Early days of the pandemic were challenging for Fleming medical as there was now a demand for their products that wasn’t there before. Ger mentions that they were able to keep up with the demands as they were prepared for Brexit early on. The key was not to get wrapped up in the race and it was important for Fleming Medical that the quality of their products remained high.

Ger mentions how the pandemic as caused them to do business differently. He felt it has caused people to better manager their days and perhaps even get more out of them. They have started using video calls more for troubleshooting, he mentions this was always an option but it was never taking advantage of until COVID. Fleming Medical are hoping to create more video content which involve training video etc, that would benefit their clients in the long run.

Some positive advice Ger provides is; don’t forget to be there for your customers. Show them you aren’t just their to sell to them but to support them.

Fleming Medical are a family-owned provider of high-quality healthcare devices and consumables. Fleming Medical is a trusted partner to pharmacy, community health and healthcare professionals operating successfully in more than 20 countries worldwide.  They are committed to empowering patients and physicians through innovative medical technologies and diagnostic information that provide better patient outcomes for acute and chronic conditions.