Choice Talk 011 – Tom Noonan – Bewley’s

We recently spoke with Tom Noonan, Head of Marketing at Bewley’s about the challenges COVID19 has brought to their business. Tom discusses how the last few months have been challenging for businesses and also society. He said watching their customers having to close their doors due to lock-down has been difficult. Bewleys works a lot with the hospitality sector, therefore it has been a challenge over the last year to plan with customers.

He states how COVID has made Bewleys look at how they do business and how now they have moved some of their services online. They now have an online portal called ” Bewleys Connect” where customers can now get involved with the brand. It contains a wealth of information from how make coffee or how to see the workings of their machinery. Tom states how he feels that the changes they have made throughout the pandemic have all been positive ones and will benefit the company and their customers.

Advice Tom gives to companies during COVID is to keep going, The end is in site and that the economy will recover over time. Have a plan in place to allow your company pivot throughout lock-down.

Founded in 1840, Bewley’s is Ireland’s leading coffee and tea company. We’ve been perfecting the craft of tea and coffee making for many generations, from our humble beginnings in a little shop on Sycamore Alley in Dublin, Ireland, to the home and heart of our brand, our Grafton Street Café, right through to our present day operations across the globe in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In Ireland, the Bewley’s brand is synonymous with quality. As a brand with over 90% awareness, when you offer Bewley’s coffee and tea products on your menu, your customers are assured of a great tasting hot beverage experience. There’s an ever increasing trend towards high quality coffee. Consumers are looking to experiment, try out new bean-types, flavours and brewing techniques.

So whether you are a small, local café operator or a restaurant business with numerous locations, Bewley’s will work with you to ensure your coffee experience meets the needs of even the most discerning coffee lover. Take a look at our comprehensive range of services and call us to discuss your requirements.