Reopening Hotels Part Six: Kitchens

Hotels are scheduled to reopen on Monday 29th June in Ireland. In part six of our ‘Reopening Hotels’ series we examine what measures need to be considered for hotel kitchens.

Kitchen & Food Handling Personnel

  • Ensure that all employees are being trained in any new COVID-19 standard operating procedures adopted by the business. Keep a record that this training has taken place.
  • Ensure that the HACCP system is updated. All new protocols need to be reflected in records, food flow diagrams, cleaning schedules, zoning, allergen updates on menus and delivery & takeaway services, etc.
  • Control and minimise movement between zones.You should also limit numbers of people in the kitchen and record kitchen times for each employee.
  • Display signs that promote physical distancing and revisit
    all handwashing / good hygiene practice signs. Replace them if they are damaged or outdated.
  • Before the start of each shift, clean and sanitise each area systematically. After each service, clean with effective detergents and disinfectants. All cleaning should be recorded by a suitably trained person.


Ensure all mechanical dishwashers operate at optimum levels, reach the correct temperature, and use adequate and safe chemicals. If equipment is being hand washed, use the correct double sink method with a drain area and wash at the appropriate temperature and using the correct chemicals.

How can First Choice Purchasing can help?

We can provide your hotel with a secure and consistent supply of items needed to help your hotel open in a compliant and safe manner. Our supply chains are fully operational and our COVID19 response team are on call to help you. As well as our full range of goods and services we have introduced a complete range of COVID19 items:

  • Hand Sanitisers
  • A full range of HSE compliant cleaning products
  • Decontamination service
  • Floor markers & way finding
  • A comprehensive range of PPE
  • A full range of COVID19 supplies
  • Condiment sachets
  • Food and beverages

To arrange a consultation with a member of our COVID19 response team, visit our contact page.