Choice Talks 010 – Tony Moore – Bunzl Irish Merchants

In our most recent Choice Talk we spoke with Tony Moore, Healthcare Sales Mangers at Bunzl Irish Merchants about the difficulties BIM has faced during COVID.

He discusses their biggest challenge was sourcing the right products at the right price while also now competing with new competitors, also in the meantime keeping their clients satisfied. He mentions how face to face interaction is no longer apart of his day to day and how BIM relies heavily now on technology to conduct their daily business. A challenge BIM faced, was having to adapt to the change of their day to day work tasks.

Some positive advice he gave is we need to be proactive rather than reactive. We need to present ourselves in a way we didn’t before and that the best practices is the new normal.

Tony states the best business advice he has received is to try not reinvent the wheel and to respect your customers in a way you wish to be respected.

Bunzl Irish Merchants is a leading supplier of foodservice disposables, washroom systems, hygiene & janitorial supplies as well as beverage and retail solutions within Ireland. Founded in 1959, Irish Merchants was recently acquired by the Bunzl Group and brings to the market a rich heritage of pioneering service

Since its foundation 50 years ago, Bunzl Irish Merchants has established itself as a company dedicated to meeting the needs of the foodservice, healthcare and retailer markets through a commitment to total customer satisfaction in servicing our customers’ requirements.

Their mission is to be the number one providers of sustainable packaging solutions to the Irish foodservice and retail sectors by offering an extensive range of sustainable solutions for a sustainable future and a sustainable Ireland.

Their value proposition is to help their customers operate profitably; BIM do this by working with the following core values; Excellence, Sustainability, Respect & Partnership