Aryzta Christmas Offer 2021

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Product DescriptionUnitsWeightOffer Code
Mini Charolais Beef Burger3045g832361
Bouquet Mandarin (Asian Selection)12020g26831
Goats cheese red onion mini vol au vent4024g830518
Battered Chicken Balls14036g834308
Salt and Chilli Shredded chicken5x1kg16-18g834309
Mini Pepperoni Pizza Jambon10035g840706
Mini Ham And Cheese Jambon10035g828577
Brioche Bun4872g833507
Turkey and Herb Slice30g841121
Bourbon Bun4085gPA32
Macaroon Selection14410g27401
Sweet Petits Fours11414g27427
Mini Classic Victoria Sponge4822g22634
Sweet Filled Mini Muffin Selection3635g832341
Raspberry & White Chocolate Tartelette Le Tourier®30110g27294
Chocolate Fudge Cake (Sliced)11.4kg1903CH
Chocolate Orange Mable Cake11.4kg1999CH
Individual Mocha Gateau12120g27497
Fresh Irish Cream Banoffee Pie11400g22205
Chocolate & Hazelnut Torte121400g22204
Irish Cream Liqueur Cheesecake121450g22199
Raspberry & Toasted Almond Roulade11000g830647
Apple & Custard Strudel60120g850549
Cocoa Bavarois Slice3075g22289
Cheddar & Jalapeno Loaf14400g848202
Woodfired Oval Flatbread6058g830270
Sourdough Bloomer16410g850554
La Parisien25440g450903
American style buttermilk pancakes3235g25022
Classic Croque Monsieur24160g830623
Large Croissant au Beurre Isigny Sainte Mère® AOP6075g25965
Iced Cinnamon Bun33100g831354
Gingerbread Muffin30125g10019738
Chocolate & Orange Muffin28125g450469
Cranberry and Orange Muffin28125g450470
Cranberry Cheescake Muffin28120g826448
Sweet Mince Pies14460g1909
Thaw and Serve Mince Pies10057g813612
BRANDY PUFF Mince pie8075g825749
Chocolate Brownie2166g2319CH
Raspberry Bakewell2171g2378CH
Carrot Cake Tray Bake2175g2302CH
Mint Slice Tray Bake10068g825795
Luxury Mince Crowns (4 Pack)2185g
47. NEW Lemon Meringue Pie uncut COMING SOON1 (12 Portions)1700gS122
NEW Carrot Cake Large
1 (12 Portions)1700gS283


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