Choice Talk 009 – Sharon Fitzgerald – Accu Energy

We recently spoke with Sharon Fitzgerald from Accu Energy about the challenges Covid19 has caused Accu Energy and how they have managed throughout the Pandemic. Some advice she gives is to be willing to adapt and to welcome change and to simply do your best during these difficult time.   Learn more on Accu Energy […]

Choice Talks 008 – Michael Kelly – Frylite Group Ltd

In a recent Choice Talk we spoke with Michael Kelly, Regional Sales Manager of Frylite Group Ltd. He discusses how a challenge for Frylite is how their clients are opening and closing with little notice. He mentions how Zoom has become a key form of communication within the firm and between clients. He also talks […]

Choice Talks 007 – Ross Quigley – Quigley Meats

We had the pleasure of talking with Ross Quigley from Quigley Meats about the challenges they face throughout the COVID19 Pandemic. He discusses what COVID19 precautions his staff go through on the daily and how customer safety is an important factor to them.

Choice Talks 006 – Alan Blaney – Bunzl Rafferty

We had the pleasure of speaking with Alan Blaney, General Manager of Bunzl Rafferty about how they had to change how they conducted business and their business model during COVID19. He discuss how they relied more on technology and also moved into the B2C market. He also encourages employers to look after their employees mental […]

Choice Talks 005 – Colm Daly – Flogas

In our latest Choice Talk with spoke with Colm Daly, Bulk Gas Sale Manager at Flogas about how the COVID19 pandemic has impacted the way they do business. Flogas is a leading supplier of both Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) & Natural Gas providing thousands of businesses and homes throughout the UK & Ireland with […]

Choice Talk 04 – Erick Thien Tran – Rentokil Initial

In our latest Choice Talk, we talk with Erick Thien Tran, Digital Marketing Manager at Rentokil Initial about the challenges the company has faced during COVID and how they had to adapt their business plan. Learn more about Rentokil Initial here:

Level 5 Restrictions – How can FCP help

As of midnight, Wednesday October 21st, all of Ireland was placed on Level 5 Restrictions. Ireland has now returned to a state of lockdown that is similar to March 2020. As these new restrictions would be extremely difficult for most establishments, the Tánaiste indicated that the hospitality sector should come back in a few weeks’ […]

The Future of Irish Pubs

The government’s plan for the future of Irish pubs was distributed to publicans on Sunday morning ahead of the publication of its medium-term plan as to how the country is to “Live with Covid-19”. This radical plan will for the foreseeable future alter the way in which pubs of all kinds, dry and wet, operate […]

What to do – Employee travels during COVID

The Government’s travel ‘green list’ was published on 23 July and includes the countries that are safe to travel to during the pandemic. It was revised on 4 August and now features Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Slovakia. With the current surge in global numbers of people affected by the […]

COVID19 Response Plan

With the HSA role now ensuring workplaces are following the Return to Work Safely Protocol (the “Protocol”). In recent weeks, the HSA has outlined the key questions an inspector may ask during a workplace inspection. Here are four key questions that may be asked during a COVID19 workplace inspection: Has a Covid19 response plan been […]